Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath is about to return and bring players new and unprecedented experiences. Explore to know the difference in this new version. Let's learn more about the geometry dash bloodbath song, online version of this game, geometry dash ideas, and geometry dash bloodbath play to know more interesting things about this version.

Geometry Dash Bloodbath song

Geometry Dash Bloodbath song was inspired by the song At the Speed of Light. This is also one of the typical songs with a terrible amount of listening in the world. At the Speed of Light is considered the most important milestone in the career of artist Dimrain47 as it is his first song since the release of Buzztone Symphony in 2008. This instrumental track mainly focuses on a strong tempo, fast tempo makes players feel excited. thrill in every segment when playing the game Geometry. The song is also copyrighted, so if you're a fan of Geometry games, you'll recognize it as soon as you hear this sound.

Online version of this game

Don't need to download game

This game published by Riot is a veteran game description. It took him a year and a half to create this game. With experience playing many different versions of Geometry Dash, came up with the version with the most difficult level. Many people have had to shake their heads about its difficulty and until now, no one has completed this game.

Therefore, Riot decided to reduce the difficulty when he experienced it himself, and he himself only played about 93% but could not play it all. In the list of obstacle games Bloodbath has been at number one for more than a year after being replaced by many other levels. It is also the most downloaded version of Extreme Demon in the series with over 2 million downloads across ISO, Android, and PC platforms.

However, not everyone's computer can meet the configuration requirements, so our game developers have released this game on the online platform. Therefore, no download is required, you can easily play this game with the online version on our website.

Full version of game

To create the latest version like today, Riot and its team have worked hard to create the most perfect game product. This game has been in the making since 2015. Riot and its team have worked hard to achieve this until now. Released on the game market the same year and topped for 1 year. After years of ups and downs competing with other competitors, Bloodbath has made many improvements to suit players as well as creating new parts so that players are always up to date and not bored.

There is much feedback that the lifestyle is too difficult and no one has overcome it, even the author Riot has to admit that he can only complete 93% of the match. Therefore, Riot has improved to make the game easier. The journey of modifying and upgrading this game has not stopped over the years. So far, the version seems to be the most perfect. And they will release a sequel in the not-too-distant future.

Geometry Dash ideas

Geometry Dash is the first game to represent its sequel series. Geometry Dash is a video game developed by Swedish developer Robert "RobTop" Topala. Released in 2013 on IOS and Android. The gameplay of Geometry Dash is to get the main character to move through the platforms without hitting any obstacles and reach the finish line safely. Control the character based on the level and rhythm of the sound. So far, Geometry Dash has covered 21 full levels. In addition, players can be creative, adapting the game to suit them. Some items such as coins, orbs, and diamonds also appear in the game and are also adjusted according to the player's wishes.

Relying on the strange gameplay along with the unique interface has attracted many people's interest. Therefore, later versions have relied on it to develop and build in many different directions. Bloodbath also builds on the Geometry Dash roots and evolves in a more difficult direction. Riot has created a more difficult version of Geometry Dash, challenging many participants and so far, not many people have completed the challenge legally.

Hardest part of the series

Geometry Dash is too famous for many different versions with many different manufacturers. However, based on the famous versions experienced by many players, they said that they have pointed out 10 versions that they think are the most difficult including Sonic Wave, Bloodbath, BloodLust, Yatagarasu, Zodiac, Tartarus, Sakupen Hell, Crimson Planet, Kenos and Black Blizzard. According to the statistics of The Top Tens newspaper, the 10 versions above have been arranged in descending order of difficulty. The second most difficult position is called Bloodbath.

Facts of this series game

Geometry Dash seems to be too famous for speed game enthusiasts. There is no need to explain too much about it because of its charm and popularity. Much popular information about Geometry Dash is also clarified by many articles online. However, there are many origins of Geometry Dash that people don't really know much about. Below the level of a collector, you will be surprised by many facts about Geometry Dash:

Geometry Dash Bloodbath play

Geometry dash bloodbath play will stops when you complete the percentage level of the game. To get to 100%, you need to retry so many times, no one has done it successfully the first time. Therefore, to reduce the risk of playing again and again, we have a few tips for you. Read it to avoid obstacles as much as possible. The game consists of giving 11 parts according to the level of percent:


The first segment is the cube riding on the train. The screen quickly fades to a brighter color palette of black and red. During the movement, you will see a face like the Weoweoteo logo. Through the first portal, normal movement speed, to the next portal will switch to a cube at double speed, and to the third portal, the cube turns into a three-speed train sequence.


In the next segment, the character will not fly in a straight line but must fly in a zigzag path. Gravity changes constantly and when going through a detour, the player will have to fly backward and move back to the original path. When moving the protagonist to the next portal, a large open space signed by Vermillion will appear.

You need to move the main character at the right time to get the rhythm right after each click. Each pedestal on which the protagonist lands is held by a chain of fallen bricks in the corners and black blocks with two lines in the middle. The port in front is a mirror that flips the screen and moves in the opposite direction. In the next segment, the main character is duplicated and sucked into another gravity portal as the music increases and the notes increase in pitch.


The next sound will no longer pound with fast and vibrant speed, instead, it will be a slower speed of sound. The main character's movement speed will also slow down and the screen will turn gray.

The sawtooth will change to a cube and move in contact with the ground on both sides of the screen. Jump up so as not to be moved off the screen. When going through the first gate, the cube from moving to the ground changes to the cube riding the fish-shaped boat, moving in a straight line to the next gate. The second portal will change to a jagged shape that moves in contact with the ground like the original cube. Going to the third portal will switch to the cube sitting in the UFO boat, move straight ahead and be careful with spikes on either side of the screen. Go to the fourth gate, repeat as the first gate.


The next segment is from the cube to the arrow shape with a zigzag direction. Going to the first gate the arrow will turn into two moving cubes filled with chains with square and triangular foundation blocks. Go to the second gate, still the old interface but switch to the cube riding the fishing boat. To the third gate, the screen will flash light and dark, and the cube riding the boat will be shrunk. To the fourth gate, the cube turns into an arrow that moves in a large zigzag interface. To the fifth gate, the triangle moves in a small zigzag pattern. Through the portals, the main character will change into a cube sitting in a UFO boat. Go through various portal scenes and tap circles.


The next segment is a shrunken fish-riding cube that moves in an interface with lots of red cogs and spiked platform blocks. You will have to go through a tunnel full of spikes and try to maintain the horizontal line. The arrows will show the character's movement speed. To the third portal, the screen darkened, switching to a cube moving on circular axes.

A Sonic Men

The next is a cube riding a UFO through a jagged fence with a screen filled with red. You will pass through a portal that keeps you in shape but shrinks and moves along a path with red circles. Going to the next gate will switch to a jagged shape that moves through the rectangular platform blocks along a zigzag path.


After a sonic men will switch back to a cube that moves through foundation blocks like stairs. At the first portal, the cube will ride a UFO boat moving in a jagged screen with arrow clips. Move in circles to avoid obstacles. To the next gate, the character will move into the tunnel in a zigzag pattern.


In this segment, the cube rides a fishing boat moving through a tunnel filled with spikes on both sides of the screen. The tunnel is quite cramped. Move to the next gate to switch to cogwheel to move through the platform blocks like a rectangular swing with spikes. To the third gate, the main character will move through the platform walls with spikes and serrations.

Giron David

In the next segment the movement speed will slow down, the main character also needs to move more carefully when going through a series of platform walls that are lined up close together. Avoid hitting the platforms. The character changes to a triangle that moves along a zigzag path.


The next segment is a cube riding a fishing boat moving through randomly arranged walls. The next portal will be harder as the wall is full of spikes and your size increases. Going to the third gate will switch to a cube that jumps over the circles with the interface of the tops of the chains. The fourth gate changes to a serrated shape that jumps over walls shaped like pencils


Finally in this segment, you will not encounter any obstacles but only see the heart shape. Move and tap the wall to mark the completion of the challenge. At this time, the lights are flashed to signal the end of the journey.

It's an interesting journey isn't it, if you want, you can join this game with us by simply using your mouse or spacebar to control your geometry. Hope you have a good time with this version of geometry dash bloodbath. Good luck !