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Polargeist is one of the versions of Geometry. Additional version with new visuals such as yellow jump rings, multiple jumps to move through the space, ect.

Distinguishing features of the Polymagist

Polargeist is part of the Geometry levels. It is the third level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite. This section is rated as the first level of normal difficulty.

Versions of Geometry require multiple attempts to complete the challenge. Historically, completing this version took 93 seconds to complete the challenge with 119 jumps. This is considered the least number of retries in all versions or levels of Geometry. The data will be updated when someone surpasses this number. Can you do these unthinkable things?

One of the easy versions of Geometry, the game is considered suitable for beginners and practicing many times helps you accumulate huge experience. If you're starting to feel confident in passing the challenges of Geometry, you can try geometry dash bloodbath.

The key of Polegist is the secret coin

Outstanding achievement of this version

Different from other versions, levels, this game has a major highlight is the secret coins. Don't appear too much, this game only opens up to three coins and the coins appear in different positions. During the process of overcoming challenges, if you miss the coins on the road, it will be a pity, so you need to concentrate to collect them all. Collecting them is a trophy that any player wants to own. Because this is a normal difficulty level, this version will not make it difficult for you. The important thing is high concentration to not miss any coin on the road.

Coin location appears

Three coins will appear in three positions corresponding to the % complete challenge of the game. If you don't want to miss out, read this information before proceeding to the challenge.

The first coin comes in position with 44% challenge completion. The coin appears in a dark, black space with a background of square blocks as the background. Consists of white framed square blocks with flashing squares like lights. Our main character is a cube riding on a train flying in the air. Move to the coins and collect them.

The second coin comes in position with 63% challenge completion. The scene in this location is filled with blues with square backgrounds. The coin is located behind the platform block like a wall and below are spikes on the ground. In the air there are several platforms like bricks and on their surface there are spikes. Choose to fly up into the air and land on a spot that doesn't contain spikes. Double jump twice when jumping down from the wall to collect the coin.

The last coin comes in position with 77% challenge completion. The scene is quite similar to when you were at 63%, but the space is now hidden from the platforms. Several platforms appear scattered at the top of the screen and there are no dangerous spikes on them. Rays of light shine like stars highlighting the coin. The cube flies in the air, use double jump multiple times to reach for the coin.