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Geometry Dash World

Overview of Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is a rhythm-based platformer game where players control a flying or jumping cube. Choose the right time to avoid collisions with obstacles.

Players control a square-shaped character and navigate through a series of challenging levels filled with various obstacles, spikes, and traps. The objective of the game is to guide the character safely to the end of each level without crashing into any obstacles. The character moves automatically, and players need to tap anywhere on the screen to make the character jump.

Similarities and differences of Geometry Dash World between other versions

Similarities with other versions

The character driver is unchanged. Guide the character safely to the end of the level without crashing into any obstacles. The player needs to tap at the appropriate time for the character to jump and fly. Determine the right time and timing to go further.

Collect the coins. Each level has three hidden stars along the way. These coins often appear at times that players cannot predict. It is necessary to try many times to remember the positions where the coin appears.

Try again many times. Geometry Dash is famous for its many retries to complete a level. Also has the least number of replays and the most replays in other versions. However, the number of recorded retries of World is statistically still not equal to Geometry Dash Bloodbath, which is considered the most difficult version with the number of retries recorded by the author of this version more than 25,000 times. So World is still quite gentle and rated the difficulty level as moderate. Experience watching World to see how many replays you need to complete a level.

Vibrant and colorful visual style with unique level design. The levels come with catchy and upbeat music, which adds to the rhythm-based gameplay. Helps players attract and cannot escape. Concentrate and observe the sound because each rhythm of the sound coincides with the steps of flying and jumping.

Differences of this game

World's levels are the most different thing about it compared to other versions. In World, there are 5 different levels including Space Pirates, Striker, Embers, Round 1, Monster dance off. The levels are designed with separate contexts along with other character features in different interfaces.

Space Pirates with the image of a cube riding a UFO moving in the magical night sky with sparkling lights. The character rides a UFO through the air, passing through platform walls lining both sides of the screen. Besides, there are sharp spikes that can break into many pieces. All levels of characters need to move through walls to complete the mission. Be careful with walls that are too high and you can crash into them.

Striker with the image of a cube walking on the ground. Jump up to avoid obstacles. Go up the platforms and don't hit the spikes. The only thing you can walk across is the flat surface of the platform.

Embers with the image of a cube riding a dragon boat flying across platforms. It tends to fly high when holding down the mouse or touching the screen or release when flying low. Go through the platform walls and spikes.

Round 1 is like Striker but has the main feature of jumping higher when passing through yellow space.

Monster dance off is like Round 1 but more difficult with more obstacles combined with yellow space and yellow dots on space.