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Flapping Crush

Improved version in Flapping Crush

Flapping Crush is an online skill game that is inspired by the popular game Flappy Bird. In Flapping Crush, players operate a set of pipes and try to prevent birds from passing through them. The objective is to crush, smash, splat, and kill the birds as they try to navigate through the pipes.
It offers a challenging and addictive gameplay experience for players who enjoy skill-based games. Flapping Crush: Halloween Bird is a version of the game that is themed around Halloween. It was developed by Alessandro Pezzetti and is available on the App Store.

Work to be done

You control the chimney and don't let any birds fly past. A retaining wall in front will prevent the bird from flying through, but it won't last long. The wall will crack and create a hole. Just one bird flying past you will fail. The game will not stop until the bird flies over so destroy as many birds as possible.

To slow down the process by which the bird can break through the wall, create a barrier around the wall that makes it difficult for the bird to fly over. To create an additional layer of protection, you need to buy Walls, which are sharp objects embedded in the wall, and buy Bonuses, which are supports to kill birds.

Original game Flappy Bird

In a typical Flappy Bird game, the objective is to control the flight of a bird, through a scrolling scene full of obstacles such as pipes or platforms. The character will automatically move forward and the task to do is to make it fly through the gaps between obstacles by touching or clicking to make it flap its wings to fly over.

The gameplay is simple but challenging because the distances between obstacles are often narrow, requiring precise timing and quick reactions. Collision with any obstacle, such as hitting a pipe or hitting the ground, usually results in a game over and the player having to start over.