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Adventure Time Saw Game

The story of Finn and Jake on their adventure journey

Join Finn and his trusty canine companion, Jake, in a thrilling adventure at the Adventure Time Saw Game. This American animated television series-inspired of the same name game, the notorious killer, Pigsaw, has set his sights on our heroes. Play as Finn, taking on the challenge of solving mind-bending riddles and puzzles to save Jake from the clutches of this malevolent villain.

How to control

With interaction use Mouse to play, you'll navigate the colorful and imaginative world of Ooo. Switch between various locations with a simple click on the map, exploring iconic places such as Finn and Jake's Tree Fort, Ice King's Palace, and the enchanting Candy Kingdom. Engage with the diverse cast of characters you encounter like Bad Ice Cream, gathering valuable items to add to your inventory.

The journey to rescue a wise friend

Solve puzzle challenges

Your path will be strewn with Jigsaw's intricate puzzles, and it's your task to scour your surroundings for clues and objects that can aid your duties. Each item you discover will be stored in your inventory and can be accessed whenever needed. As you successfully utilize items, they will vanish from your inventory, clearing the way forward.

Interact with characters in the adventure journey

Interacting with the denizens of Ooo is essential to your journey. When you encounter someone, you'll have three options: talk, hit, or examine closely. Engage in conversation with characters like Tree Trunks and Princess Bubblegum, who may assign you tasks and offer rewards that prove invaluable in the quest to rescue Jake.

Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead as you venture into the Land of Ooo, determined to free Jake and triumph over the twisted games orchestrated by Jigsaw. Will you unravel the mysteries, outsmart the puzzles, and emerge victorious? The fate of Finn and Jake rests in your hands.