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Stereo Madness

Stereo Madness challenges you to cross endless platform. This is considered the easiest version of Geometry Dash in the community tuning versions.

Overview of Stereo Madness

Stereo Madness is a combination of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite, which is the first level to be graded play. And according to players, this is the easiest version, very suitable for beginners in the Geometry genre.

Although rated as the easiest version, in some segments it is also somewhat complicated. Sometimes a few segments you think need to jump up but it really isn't. This is a natural reflex when avoiding obstacles. You can only find out without doing some complicated work after a number of retries.

Complete the challenge with the cube

Avoid obstacles

Start the game, stay in the cube version moving on the plane. The cube will automatically move forward but cannot adjust itself so that it does not hit an obstacle. The spikes will cause the cube to break into pieces and you have to try again from the beginning. Help the cube avoid the spikes.

At the same time, be careful of the edge of the platform, it can also become a weapon when you do not land in the right position. Sometimes you have to move on platforms placed in the air. Be careful and jump up at the right time if you don't want to fall down.

Collect coins

You won't be able to see these coins after completing a few challenges. The coin appears in the middle of the journey. Although collecting them has no meaning, they are the light to illuminate you as you move into the dark space with many obstacles. Following the coins helps you stay on the right track and not die unjustly. You can also view coin collecting as a feat once you've mastered this game in a mundane way.

Character movement speed

Since this is the easiest version, the character's movement speed at the beginning of the game is quite slow. This is perfectly suitable for those who are just starting to play this game. However, the speed will increase the longer you move later. Its fast speed is still underrated so it is a perfect fit.

Challenge in many tries

The game is rated quite easy in few retries. For new players, not being able to foresee the obstacles ahead is still difficult, causing them to try again and again. However, the interface of this version does not change too much even when the character is swapped when going through the time portal. So it's not too difficult to retry the challenge many times. According to statistics, the owner has retries the least of 77 times, the lowest number on record in the series of Geometry games.

Retrying many times makes you more experienced in playing subsequent versions of Geometry. Once you get used to this version, try the harder version called geometry dash bloodbath. Bloodbath is considered the hardest version ever of all Geometry versions. To do this version, you need to do many other versions with easier difficulty.