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Who Is Lying?

Who is Lying is an engaging brain game that challenges your intellect with tricky puzzles and mind games. It puts your logical deduction skills to the test, unravel mysteries and determine the truth in each level.

Check the characters' identities

In this game, you are confronted with characters who claim different identities or relationships, such as a girlfriend or a father. Your task is to identify the true character among the contenders. Using your mouse or finger, you interact with the surroundings, searching for clues that will lead you to the correct answer.

Carefully investigate the characters. Each level presents a unique scenario where you must discern what is true and what is false. In some cases, you need to identify the liar, while in others, you simply investigate the identities of the characters involved.

Collect evidence that needs investigation

As you explore each scene, be sure to check for hidden clues and evidence. These subtle hints will provide valuable information to help you determine the correct answer. Use your powers of observation and deduction to piece together the truth.

Once you have gathered enough evidence, make your selection and choose the answer you believe to be correct. Clicking on the clues told you the truth behind the characters' testimony. Be cautious, as clicking around wrong answers too many times will result in point deductions. The better you are at solving the puzzles, the more points you can earn.

With 150 levels to explore and new characters to encounter, Who is Lying offers hours of intriguing gameplay. Prepare to sharpen your analytical skills and immerse yourself in a world of deception and deduction. Can you unravel the truth and conquer each puzzling challenge? It's time to find out.