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Geometry Dash Darkest Drop

Geometry Dash Darkest Drop is set to be epic with difficulty up to 10 stars. The atmosphere is vibrant and colorful, which is top notch for the Dark Drop set.

The special feature makes Geometry Dash Darkest Drop

The most striking feature in Darkest Drop is the mesmerizing movements in both the background and foreground. You'll see the intricate dance of synchronized color pulses in harmony with the energetic music. Another experience that you find similar in Geometry Dash Bloodbath is partly inspired by it.

The space and platform are what make this version special. The eye-catching obstacles are placed in many positions, creating a confusing scene for newcomers and a colorful decoration for familiar players. Places that create fake waves make you feel like you're surfing on the surface of a wave. The flickering and flickering light creates a sense of urgency for the player when moving the character.

The level of completion of the challenge

NatDak fraction

Start the game with a basic cube. The starting level is considered basic and easy for players to start with. Normal speed changes to 2X speed at 10% of the challenge completion level.

At 17%, the speed gradually decreases, the 3x wave part appears, newbies find it a bit difficult but it is an easy level for good players. Switch characters continuously, from cube, then UFO and back to cube.

At 22%, another wave section with a slope of 22.5 degrees is a bit difficult for beginners but it will be easier to do with more proficiency. The movement is more like at 17%. After the car part, a short train part appears with the words: "Natdak is here!". This part has no obstacles so players just need to fly through the gates. Go through the platform blocks and encounter the invisible object at the end of the ball that makes it pop up with the text: "LOL!".

Alkali fraction

This part is similar to NatDak, the character from the cube, then the robot part and back to the cube part. Accelerate quickly to blend the movement. When it reaches 51%, the flying part follows the curve, following the beating circles to pass. When going through the space gate, follow the semi-automatic mini ship and fly into the hole and then fly straight to the end. Then turn into a cube with 2x speed going over simple obstacles.

At 71% double mini ship, avoid all spiked walls and crouch low to avoid touching obstacles. The slow wave section requires precise movements. Then switch to the cube running at normal speed. In the UFO part, kick the blue orb and move it. Then transform into a 3x double cube, moving across the platform surface.