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Geometry Dash Dance Massacre

Geometry Dash Dance Massacre takes you on a Hard Demon difficulty level experience created by Hinds. The version with the most likes by the player community.

The scene full red in Geometry Dash Dance Massacre

Dance Massacre is filled with a red world. The red color will last throughout the entire challenge. The red color makes you think of a scary scene, like being bathed in blood. Red also creates mystery for you, making you curious to explore. Cross the spaces, move forward and complete challenges. Thousands of overlapping platform walls on both sides, combined with treacherous spikes. Need to move very carefully if you don't want to be blown into pieces

The location where the coin appears

In the initial phase of the game, you can find the first coin at 11% progress. To acquire it, you must skillfully navigate your ship through a tight gap between sharp thorns and the level's ceiling.

At 62% completion, you will encounter the second coin. Instead of grabbing onto the orb to advance, a small jump is required to access it. Upon successfully executing this maneuver, a portal will alter gravity and return you to the regular path of the level.

The third coin awaits at 82%, but initially appears at 81%. Rather than descending and continuing along the expected route, jumping is necessary to reach this elusive treasure. Once obtained, proceed towards completing the remainder of the level as usual.