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Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery is an intense first-person shooting game that challenges players to execute a successful bank heist while fending off waves of police forces. Equipping your purchased firearms is crucial before embarking on the assault. Be prepared for a fierce battle, as the police will not forgive you guys.

Carry out a bank robbery

Bank Robbery offers a thrilling 3D first-person shooter experience, featuring polygonal graphics and blocky enemies and allies. Focusing on collecting the money, leaving you and any available NPC allies to engage in combat against the relentless police assault.

The game presents a workplace battlefield within the bank, providing ample space and establish a banking access strategy. Utilize your weapons to outmaneuver the police, but be cautious not to be reckless, as powerful enemy units can quickly deplete your limited health.

Gameplay in Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery focuses an endurance challenge, testing your ability to survive the ongoing waves of police forces. Actively moving around the bank, police forces will spawn in designated areas, indicated by smoke. The compass line at the top of the screen assists in tracking enemies (marked in red) and allies (marked in green). Eliminating all enemies earns you money, and your health is restored. The top left corner of the screen displays the number of lifes remaining. Upon completing all waves, access the money to purchase new weapons and hire additional help. The ultimate goal is to accumulate enough funds to acquire a helicopter for a successful escape.

How to controls

  • WASD to move
  • Left-click to shoot
  • Right-click to iron sight
  • Mouse wheel / 1-5 to change weapons
  • Left-shift to run
  • Space to jump
  • C to crouch
  • E to take weapons